MCRIT GROUP, knows and understands the market environment in which it is located, and applies all its material and technical resources in the management of all its activities in order to meet the needs of current and potential customers.

The integration of the requirements with the different business areas, from the identification of internal and external factors that affect the organisation, the identification of the processes, the in-depth knowledge of the expectations and requirements of the interested parties and the analysis Risks are the basis for ensuring compliance with these expectations and promoting increased stakeholder satisfaction.

Thus, we facilitate and encourage the involvement of our main internal client, our professionals, reinforcing the management to know and satisfy their needs and motivations, and achieve the development of their objectives with those of the organisation.

Therefore, MCRIT GRUP considers the continuous improvement as the basis for the materialization of this policy, and in the achievement of the objectives that derive from it.

MCRIT GRUP, assumes the commitment to comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes related to needs and expectations that may affect the product and / or service offered.

The management of MCRIT GRUP, will ensure that this policy is communicated, understood, applied and reviewed to ensure its continued adequacy and will manage the dissemination to staff and other relevant stakeholders, as appropriate, arranging for it the equipment, media, environments and training necessary.

Barcelona, 31st July 2018


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