ESPON Spatial Planning: The European Commission adopted the ESPON 2013 Programme, the European observation network for territorial observation and cohesion, on 7 November 2007 The ESPON 2013 Programme shall support policy development in relation to the aim of territorial cohesion and a harmonious development of the European territory. It shall provide comparable information, evidence, analyses and scenarios on framework conditions for the development of regions, cities and larger territories. MCRIT has participated in ESPON, and before ESPON in SPSP as well as in Europe 2000+, initiatives’ to study European territorial dynamics.


ET2050— Territorial Scenarios and Visions for Europe (2011-2014)

Logo ESPONLead Parther: MCRIT, S.L (ES)


ESPON ET2050 aims at supporting policy makers in formulating a long-term integrated and coherent vision for the (smart, sustainable and inclusive) development of the EU territory. This aim is twofold: content-wise, a product, namely a vision for the European Territory, has to be developed; and process-wise, those who will elaborate this product, namely policy makers, have to be supported by sound scientific knowledge. Through a participatory process open to policy makers, academic experts and social and economic stakeholders, ET2050 will build alternative territorial scenarios for Europe to support a consensus EU Territorial Vision

SIESTA— Spatial indicators for a Europe 2020 Strategy Territorial Analysis (2011-2013)

Logo ESPONLead Parther: Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (ES)


ESPON SIESTA aims to provide evidence on the territorial dimension of the EU2020 Strategy by identifying opportunities for different types of regions in relation to the targets and flagship initiatives set out in the Strategy. The results of this ESPON project are intended to be useful for policy makers at various scales in the process of identifying territorial interventions, for example at the scale of regions and local authorities and in the preparation of regional development strategies. The findings of this project furthermore will enable policymakers to have more in-depth monitoring and steering of the implementation of the strategy.

ESPON ESATDOR – European Seas And Territorial Development Opportunities And Risks (2011-2013)

Logo ESPONLead partner: University of Liverpool (UK)

ESaTDORThe objective of ESPON ESaTDOR is to explore land-sea inter-actions and the extent to which various marine based activities can contribute to economic growth and societal wellbeing, whilst ensuring that critical environmental assets are effectively managed and where necessary protected. ESPON ESaTDOR is set to map the different types of sea use across Europe, identify various development opportunities, explore best practice examples of terrestrial-marine and maritime governance and make policy recommendations on these topics.

ESPON TRACC Transport Accessibility  at Regional/Local Scale and Patterns in Europe (2010-2012)

Logo ESPON Lead Partner:  Spiekermann & Wegener Stadt- und Regionalforschung -S&W (GER)

TRACCAccessibility is the main 'product' of a transport system. It determines the locational advantage of an area (i.e. in ESPON a region, a city or a corridor) relative to all areas (including itself). Indicators of accessibility measure the benefits households and firms in an area enjoy from the existence and use of the transport infrastructure relevant for their area.


TIPTAP project (2008-2009)

Logo ESPONLead Partner: Politechnic University of Milano (IT)

TIP TAPTIPTAP project is being developed within the ESPON 2013 programme. The main aim is developing and testing a methodology of Territorial Impact Analysis applied to european transport policies.
The TEQUILA model, developed by Politecnico di Milano University, is used to make the multicriteria evaluation of the policies studied. Data for TEQUILA comes from TransTools, the official EC transport forecast model.

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