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European Foresight : Foresight involves systematic attempts to look into longer-term futures with a view of identifying the short-term policy and business decisions that most likely will influence change and produce the greatest economic, environmental and social benefits for the future. MCRIT has been involved in many different foresight exercises at Global and European scale, such as the PASHMINA and the FLAGSHIP projects lead by ISIS (Rome), or the “European Territorial Scenarios and Visions for 2050” lead by MCRIT. In these projects several consultancy and research institutions work together to apply comprehensive approaches, covering social, economic, territorial, transport and environmental aspects. MCRIT makes use of the best methodologies for each particular case, from modeling tools based on Complex Systems, formal scientific theories or heuristics, to DELPHI processes, focus groups and expert panels.


TRANSVisions - How Europe will look in 2050? (2008-2009)

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TRANSVisionsThe study will illustrate the scope of future development for the EU27, Candidate and neighbouring countries, focusing on the impacts for potential EU enlargement, world trade and globalisation on the future transport demand. Based on a number of scenarios, the study will suggest long-term objectives for the European transport policies, to meet existing Commission policy statements as well as the Community "acquis". The scenarios will be developed so they outline the scope of different future paths in 2010, 2012, 2020, 2030 and 2050.

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Mediterranean Futures (2008)

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Mediterranean FuturesThe study defines future scenarios for the Mediterranean, based on a synthesis of all existing prospective studies and a scientific workshop where a nomber of relevant international experts are invited. Scenarios include government, culture, sociology, economy, infrastructures, urban and landscape evolution and well as environmental.

ESPON Project 3.2.: Scenarios for Europe (2004-2006)

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ESPON 3.2How will be Europe in 2015? Europe is an adventure. We can not seek it, we must invent it. Three prospective scenarios (pro-competitive, pro-cohesion and baseline are being imagined in ESPON 3.2.

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